PRINCE2 virtual classroom

F3V P2 Foundation Virtual Classroom

3 day Virtual classroom training on the PRINCE2 Foundation level including certificate exam.


PRINCE2 Foundation


PRINCE2® Foundation is the basic level of the  project management certification. The trainees may take part on the training without any practical and theoretical knowledge in project management. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to pre-course preparation. 

Our students are well prepared

We do our best to prepare you for training. Our average score in Foundation examination is more than 70%. We are probably the only company, where the student reached 100% correct answers.

Do you wish to achieve this result too?

We do not only train you, to pass the exam, we do our best, that you really understand the logic behind the methodology. How do we achieve these results?

  • we published the training material "The Essence of the PRINCE2 Project Management Method" (author Colin Bentley) in many languages, which is written in a simpler form than the official manual and better understood by the students
  • we have prepared more than 4 hours of explanatory video-lectures which helps you to easily and comfortably fulfill your pre-course self preparation. Watching videos is much better appreciated by students than just reading the manual.
  • we provide many exam samples so that you can test your knowledge prior to coming onto the course
  • we use your own projects to explain the methodology, so that the understanding is much easier
  • we use the style of training, where all students are engaged, the knowledge is shared and the environment for discussion is supported

Are you still hesitating going with us?

There are many differences between us and other training companies.  We provide training materials in full colour, which consist from more than 400 printed pages (Foundation + Practitioner) to support your classroom training, teaching aids, complete stationery and a surprise gift at the end of you successful training. We have prepared a mobile application, allowing you to learn or refresh your knowledge on the go. This, we believe, sets us aside from other training companies in a positive way for our students.

PRINCE2 Foundation exam details

The examination will not be a night mare for you. If you follow our pre-course instructions and pay attention during our training, you will certainly pass! Here are some details about your exam:

  • Multiple choice, a single correct answer per question (choose 1 from 4)
  • 75 questions per paper (5 questions to be trial and not counted in scores)
  • 35 marks required to pass (out of 70 available) - 50%
  • 60 minutes duration (for non native students 15 minutes extra time)
  • Closed book (No manual, aids or study notes allowed during the exam)

Duration and arrangement

PRINCE2 Foundation training is organized as 3 days virtual training (arrangement for 2 or 4 days is possible), while first 2,5 day is dedicated to the training and the third day afternoon the students take the exams. It is also allowed to take the exam electronically any time after the training.

Price (without VAT)

Course price F3V P2 Foundation Virtual Classroom is 695 € without VAT (834 € with VAT). lorem ipsum

Quick information

PRINCE2 Practitioner for PMP, IPMA

Owner of PMP certificates and IPMA certificates can now pass PRINCE2 Practitioner without passing Foundation certification.

We are PRINCE2 Professionals

We reached the highest certificate PRINCE2 progfessional. Our practical experience from managing PRINCE2 projects is widely used by the commercial companies.

Do you want to be Agile?

We expanded the portfolio of our training by Agile methodologies, such as Agile Management by APMG and SCRUM by SCRUMstudy.



PRINCE2 in Russia

We successfully expanded to the Russian market with PRINCE2 certification. Trainings. was organized by the Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT) and will continue on the other organizations.

PRINCE2 Foundation training in Russia