The Essence of PRINCE2® Project Management Method

Brief description

Manual-textbook "The essence of PRINCE2® Project Management Method" was created as an alternative to the official textbook APMG - "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®". The mThe essence of PRINCE2 Project Management Method by Colin Bentley Manual contains all the relevant information on the methodology of PRINCE2® retold in a simpler and clearer way. The manual is in English or could be bilingual English-Slovak, English-Czech, English-Russian for non English native students.

Who is it for

Manual "The Essence of PRINCE2® Project Management Method" is officially approved by APMG as study material for the certified training of PRINCE2® Foundation and as a reference textbook for those who do not speak English well and want to pass Practitioner certification.

The manual is intended for use by all project participants at any position, but also to anyone who comes into contact with the projects (for example, financial professionals, recruiters, vendors at different levels, management companies, but also users of the results (products) project.

The manual (textbook) is also addressed to students of project management, not only at universities and secondary schools of economics, but also in schools of a technical orientation, where graduates will later work on projects and manage them. The manual is also suitable for improving language skills and terminology of project management, as each side is a mirror translated from English to Slovak (Czech, Russian).


The author of the manual "The essence of PRINCE2® Project Management Method" Colin Bentley, who is also the author of several other books and interpretative texts for the methodology, which are widely recognized. Colin has extensive experience and knowledge in project management, which uses the writing of books and manuals on project management and PRINCE2®. Since 1966 he worked as a project manager and managed projects of various sizes in different countries. Since 1974 he worked for the PRINCE2®, PRINCE and its predecessor, PROMPT II.

Colin Bentley wrote the initial version of the PRINCE2® manual and works for the OGC for major reviewers and was an experienced advisor for the 2009 version of the PRINCE2® manual. He has published more than 20 books, still working as a trainer of PRINCE2® courses and as a consultant in project management for companies such as the London Stock Exchange, Microsoft Europe, Tesco Stores, Commercial Union and the BBC.



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