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Our website allows you to access more types of accounts. Visitors can get a lot of useful information about PRINCE2® methodology and training absolutely free. When you sign up, you get access to various exam tests and video-trainings. 
For the inquisitive, we offer complete video-lectures containing more than 4 hours of video lectures and exam questions. If you are considering in studying the PRINCE2® methodology, you can choose any of the following accounts:

1. Interim account

In case, you are unsure of which PRINCE2 training you need, this account provides you with access to all pre-course training materials such as video-lectures, documentation and exam tests. The paid price is considered as an advance payment and would be deducted from your course fee at the full amount.

2. Student account

Anyone, who orders classroom training, gets free access to this account. A part of the services provided by the Video and Essence acounts,  you also have access to an unlimited amount of tests similar to APMG Foundation3. Bonus account

A Bonus account gives you temporary access to all video-lectures. This account is  just for presentational purposes.

3. Multiple accounts

In addition to the individual accounts, we offer 2 types of specific accounts covering mainly the needs of companies: 
a) Multi-user account - set of licences for more than one user
b) Corporate account - license for all company employees (could be integrated into Intranet)

a. Multi-user account

The more accounts you acquire, the better price you get. Multi-user accounts are purchased for the exact number  of employees. The price is significantly lower than the purchase of separate licenses.

b. Corporate account

A Corporate license could be integrated directly with the Intranet. The number of accounts is unlimited number and the price is reflected by the total number of employees of the organization. This service (Video or Essence account) is easily accessible by any employee of the company.

Administration of multiple accounts

In respect of both the Multi-user and Corporate accounts, the company administrator  manages them.  The administrator has the following rights:

  1. add or delete individual accounts
  2. monitor the activity of users in the system
  3. if necessary, he may extend the validity of the account

What our system offers

Viewing video:

  1. Previewing short videos
  2. View the complete lectures of the methodology.

View the documentation:

  1. Overview of  principles, processes and themes
  2. Download management documents in PDF
  3. Download management documents in WORD
  4. View the complete documentation on methodology

Available tests:

  1. Tests with 10 questions
  2. Tests with 25 questions
  3. Test with 70 questions (similar to the APMG Foundation Test) with rationale
  4. Unlimited number of APMG like exam tests



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Quick information

PRINCE2 Practitioner for PMP, IPMA

Owner of PMP certificates and IPMA certificates can now pass PRINCE2 Practitioner without passing Foundation certification.

We are PRINCE2 Professionals

We reached the highest certificate PRINCE2 progfessional. Our practical experience from managing PRINCE2 projects is widely used by the commercial companies.

Do you want to be Agile?

We expanded the portfolio of our training by Agile methodologies, such as Agile Management by APMG and SCRUM by SCRUMstudy.



PRINCE2 in Russia

We successfully expanded to the Russian market with PRINCE2 certification. Trainings. was organized by the Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT) and will continue on the other organizations.

PRINCE2 Foundation training in Russia