Advantage of the owners PMP and IPMA certificates

Good news is, that anyone, who has PMP or IPMA  certificate can directly pass to PRINCE2 Practitioner certification.

Which are the options:

  1. Go directly to Practitioner certification
  2. Take  on-line or eLearning Practitioner training
  3. Take 1 day virtual classroom, or classroom Practitioner training
  4. Take first the Foundation online or eLearning training
  5. Take 3 days classroom or virtual classroom training
The details about each option find on
The bad news is, that pass-rate of Practitioner examination is about 90% for students who passed classroom or virtual classroom F+P training, but much lower for eLearning or those who did not take the training have the chance of passing about 50%. The cost of examination is about  300$ - 500$, so do you take this risk?
My recommendation is to to test yourself for free first. There are plenty portals which offer you free testing. has the option to generate to generate more Foundation level tests, you can find there free video-lectures and documentation. So prior to major investment get the idea abut your knowledge and chances to successfully pass Practitioner certification.

Details of options

  1. We do not offer this option, since the chance of passing exam is less than 30%.
  2. We sell eLearning courser so we provide also the examination. The pass-rate is about 50% and can  be increased by  consulting with Tutor. We prepared short PPT presentation about the most obvious mistakes. 
  3. Passing classroom or virtual classroom training is the best choice. The trainer shows, how to work with the manual. Good knowledge of manual certainly increases the chance for successful certification.
  4. Passing the Foundation online or eLearning training significantly increases the chance for success. Lack of direct contact with the trainer can be compensated by asking questions during classroom or virtual classroom Practitioner training.
  5. The best option is to pass classroom or virtual classroom Foundation training prior Practitioner certification. This training might be cheaper, since you do not need to pass Foundation exam. Package price might be very attractive


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PRINCE2 Practitioner for PMP, IPMA

Owner of PMP certificates and IPMA certificates can now pass PRINCE2 Practitioner without passing Foundation certification.

We are PRINCE2 Professionals

We reached the highest certificate PRINCE2 progfessional. Our practical experience from managing PRINCE2 projects is widely used by the commercial companies.

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We expanded the portfolio of our training by Agile methodologies, such as Agile Management by APMG and SCRUM by SCRUMstudy.



PRINCE2 in Russia

We successfully expanded to the Russian market with PRINCE2 certification. Trainings. was organized by the Voronezh Institute of High Technologies (VIHT) and will continue on the other organizations.

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