Virtual classroom is the way

Elearning education systems encountered huge boom in the last decade. Almost in all areas of education, some eLearning programs were prepared. The practise showed, that eLearning systems have many disadvantages against classroom training and the level of preparation was much lover in comparison with the classroom students.

Modern technology enables to increase the quality of online education by using the webinars. It is proven, that the level of knowledge gained is almost similar as the classroom students, but the savings of cost and time are significant.

We organize the virtual classroom training regularly during the year, usually 3-5 training per month. The training's are organized in the different time of the day, so we can cover the requests of the students from all around the world. Just check our calendar and book any time of training. If you do not find any convenient time, please let us know and we will add the time to the calendar. We can also book the examination for you and you make electronic exam directly with the Certification Authority.

Here are some characteristics to compare the advantages and dis-advantages of the different type of training:

Feature      eLearning  Virtual classroom      Classroom
Price   Very favourable price  

Usually good price, no travelling, rent a room, refreshment

  High cost, need travelling, hotel...
Time of Training   People use to delay training   Any time as stated by the Trainer   Exact time and place as scheduled
Asking questions   Sometime it is possible to have extra on-line, off-line consultation   All questions can be asked during the webinar   Questions could be asked during the training
Face to face contact    Student do have the possibility to see the trainer   Limited, all students can see the Trainer    Mutual Face-to-face contact
Training Materials    Can be downloade and printed    Can be downloaded and printed   Usually hard-copy provided
Distraction from the work   Students can choose the time when they study   Trainer can set more training sessions depending on time-zone   Usually working day, exceptionally week-ends or evenings
Repeat option   Students can repeat any chapter unless they fully understand   Webinar session can be recorded and provided to students   No possibility to repeat
Extra time   Students only spend time when learning   Students only spend time when learning   Need of extra time for travelling, sleeping in hotel
Gained knowledge    The knowledge might be weaker    Very good knowledge    Very good knowledge


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