PRINCE2® Pocketbook

Brief description

This modest booklet, as the title suggests, is designed for the pocket and only serves as a quick reference to find a concept or description. The booklet contains a brief definition of each of the principles, themes and processes, together with a simple graphical representation. Each area is about 1-2 pages and contains a glossary of terms.

PRINCE2 Pocket book

Who is it for

The booklet can be used by Project Managers and other participants of the project teams as a brief reminder of the methodology or to repeat a certain area. The booklet itself has almost no value to managers who have not being trained in PRINCE2®.

Format and Presentation

The Pocketbook has a dimension of 11x14 cm and contains a total of 81 pages printed on high quality glossy paper. In the booklet there are also illustrative figures and tables.


1 Introduction
1.1 What is PRINCE2®?
1.2 The importance of projects
1.3 What makes projects different? 
1.4 Why have a project management method?
1.5 The role of senior Management
1.6 What does a Project Manager do?
1.7 What is it that we wish to control?
1.8 The structure of PRINCE2®
1.9 Benefits of PRINCE2®

2 Principles

3 Themes
3.1 The Business Case theme
3.2 The Organization theme
3.3 The quality theme
3.4 The Plans theme  
3.5 The Risk theme
3.6 The Change theme
3.7 The Progress theme

4 Processes
4.1 Starting up a Project
4.2 Directing a Project

4.3 Initiating a Project
4.4 Managing a Stage Boundary
4.5 Controlling a Stage
4.6 Managing Product Delivery
4.7 Closing a Project

5 The Project environment

Appendix A: PRINCE2® 's management products
A.1 Benefit Plan Review
A.2 Business Case
A.3 Checkpoint Report
A.4 Communication Management Strategy
A.5 Configuration Item Record
A.6. Configuration Management Strategy
A.7 Daily log
A.8. End Project Report
A.9. End Stage Report
A.10 Exception Report
A.11 Highlight Report
A.12 Issue Register
A.13 Issue Report
A.14 Lessons Log
A.15 Lessons Report
A.16 Plan
A.17 Product Description
A.18 Product Status Account
A.19 Project Brief
A.20 Project Initiation Documentation
A.21 Project Product Description
A.22 Quality Management Strategy
A.23 Quality Index
A.24 Risk Management Strategy
A.25 Risk Register
A.26 Work Package

Appendix C: Roles and responsibilities
C.1 Project Board
C.2 Executive
C.3 Senior User
C.4 Senior Supplier
C.5 Project Manager
C.6 Team Manager
C.7 Project Assurance
C.8 Change Authority
C.9 Project Support

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