PRINCE2® Themes

PRINCE2® themes are aspects of the project that need to be addressed continually. PRINCE2® defines seven Themes that bring questions to which we must continually ask during the project:

Business Case. (Why?)

Each project begins with an idea that will bring value to the organization. This theme describes, how the initial idea  is developed into reasonable project, which will deliver expected benefits.

Organization. (Who)

The project must have an established project structure, defined role descriptions, set up responsibilities and communication channels. The project structure must represent directing, managing and delivering levels of management. The interests of business, supplier and user must be represented in the Project Board. Communication Management Strategy to define who, what, when and how to communicate within the project.

Quality. (What)

Only the products, which fulfill the stated quality requirement can deliver accepted benefits. Therefore it is important, that quality of the products is permanently monitored. Quality of the final product (Project Product) is defined at eatly stage of the project as part of Customer Quality Expectation. Project´s Quality Management Strategy defines all the quality procedures in the project.

Plans. (How? How many? Where?)

Project plans form the basis for the project work. The PRINCE2® project plans are not only time-expression activities (like Gantt charts), but also define the products that are  created by the projects, costs and required resources. PRINCE2® reccognizes three types of plans: Project Plans, Stage Plans  and Team Plans.

Risks. (What if?)

Risks may jeopardize the success of the project, and therefore it is necessary to pay due attention to risk management. Effective risk management can reduce or completely eliminate their impact on the project, and thus increase the likelihood of successful completion of the project.

Change. (What is the impact?)

The project itself brings change to the operation of the organization so it is therefore natural that the project can change. Request for change might come from an external or internal project environment, but the Project Manager must have the control over all changes. Change theme deals with issue and change control. In order to control all the project changes, it is necessary to establish configuration management.

Progress. (Where are we, where are we going?)

The Project Manager must be able to at any time to monitor and compare actual achievement against planned. Progress theme deals with the tolerances and if foreseen they are going to exceed, lower level of management must escalate the issue to upper level.


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