Managing successful projects with PRINCE2®

Brief description

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2TM is the standard training manual (textbook) for all levels of PRINCE2® trainings. It was last updated in 2009, when the entire  PRINCE2® methodology was updated to Version 5. In 2011 ownership of the "Best Management Practice" transferred from OGC (Office of Government Commerce) to the Cabinet Office. The current version of the manual is valid until the release of the new version.
The textbook (manual) is in English (and other languages such as Spanish, German, French, Polish...). The manual is necessary for the training on PRINCE2® Practitioner level, because it is an open book exam and this manual can only by used during the examination. Moreover, the exam questions are prepared straight from the textbook, so questions or answers may be exactly the same reading as the information in the textbook.
The textbook is an essential reference text and project managers use it when managing real projects. It provides a detailed explanation of the entire methodology, practical examples, advice and recommendations.

Who is it for

Firstly, it is intended for certified PRINCE2® trainings at all levels of certification. The book is in English and some other languages, so the students must mastered one of them at a reasonable level. The textbook is also used by all consultants and trainers of the methodology, so that it  can best be applied in practice.
The handbook is also suitable for the study of project management in universities, especially for departments dealing with project management.


In the official manual, the authors worked under the guidance of Andy Murray of the company Outperform UK Ltd. Other authors are leading project managers from companies such as Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu and such like. The author of "The Essence of  PRINCE2® Project Management Method", Colin Bentley, acted as chief examiner and mentor. Besides those, there were many other consultants and assessors.
The textbook has 327 A4 pages in high-quality glossy paper.

The content of the Manual:
1.    Introduction
2.    Principles
3.    Introduction to PRINCE2® themes
4.    Business Case
5.    Organization
6.    Quality
7.    Plans
8.    Risk
9.    Change
10.    Progress
11.    Introduction to processes
12.    Starting up a Project
13.    Directing a Project
14.    Initiating a Project
15.    Controlling a Stage
16.    Managing Product Delivery
17.    Managing a Stage Boundary
18.    Closing a Project
19.    Tailoring PRINCE2® to the project envirobnment
Appendix A: Product Description outlines
Appendix B: Governance
Appendix C: Roles and responsibilities
Appendix D: Product-based planning example
Appecndix E: Health check
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