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Remote Proctor Now Exam User Guide

This user guide has been created by APMG-International for candidates taking exams using Remote Proctor Now. Please follow the below steps; the screenshots below refer to the PRINCE® Foundation exam but are relevant to all other exams sat via Remote Proctor Now.

System Requirements - PC

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista or 7 

Minimum Hardware: Pentium 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM 


    • Internet Explorer - Versions 8 and 9
    • FireFox - All Versions
    • Safari - All Versions
    • Google Chrome - All Versions
    • Opera - All Versions
    • Mozilla - All Versions.

System Requirements - Mac

Operating Systems: MAC 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8
Browsers: Safari (minimum version 5)

The minimum internet connection speed required for taking the exams is 0.350 Mbps. We strongly recommend you use a wired internet connection to ensure a constant and consistent internet connection. If such a connection is not available,your connection to the exam system may be adversely affected. Please ensure you read the re-connection guidance (at the end of this document) and understand the steps required to resume your exam should you be disconnected.

Please ensure Adobe Flash Player is pre-installed before attempting the below steps, as well as ensuring you have a functioning webcam/microphone attached to your computer. If you have multiple screens/monitors, you will need to restrict your desktop to only one monitor before proceeding. Any remote assistance programs (for example VNC,Teamviewer, Crossloop) will need to be disabled before installing the software; if any such programs are still running during the setup process you will be advised to close them before being able to proceed further.

Some networks, due to certain network and proxy settings, will inhibit the software from connecting to the internet at certain points in the enrollment process, specifically the This will represent itself as “Error Code: -1000”. When this occurs, it is due to the required internet resources not being available, due to the restrictions on the network being used. If this occurs, please either contact your IT support, or alternatively attempt to use another network to take your exam.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need the relevant admin rights to install the software and related services onto your computer. If you are using a work computer, please confirm you have the appropriate rights to install the software with your IT support.

If you require any assistance or have any queries on the setup process, please contact us.

Step 1. Register

Once you have received your exam authorization code, please visit If this is the first time you have registered for a Remote Proctor Now exam via APMG- International, please enter your exam authorization code in the relevant field and select “Register”.
If you have previously taken a Remote Proctor Now exam via APMG-International, or registered previously, please enter you login details in the relevant fields and select “Log In”.

Step 2. Create Login Details

Please choose and enter a user name (select “Check Availability” to confirm your chosen username is available), and enter a password of your choice. Once complete, select “Register” to continue.

Step 3. Enter Your Personal Details

Please enter your details into the relevant fields – once complete, select “Submit”.

Step 4. Your Exams

Select “Start Exam” to proceed.

Step 5. System Check

A system check will launch, which will check that your microphone, webcam and network bandwidth meet the requirements to take the exam. Please follow the simple onscreen prompts to proceed through the test. If your system fails the test, please take the necessary steps to ensure your system meets the requirements, as advised by the onscreen notifications. If your system fails the bandwidth test, it may be due to the network/proxy settings your system is using. Please either contact your IT support, or use a different network, if this is the case.

Step 6. Select Computer Type

Click on the relevant icon to download and install the software on your computer.

Step 7. Download and Install Software

The below window, or something similar, will appear. Choose “Run” when prompted – you may be prompted multiple times.

NOTE: The screenshots below are Windows XP representations, other operating systems will differ.

Step 8. Enter Your Exam Code

Once the software has installed and the application launched, the below screen should appear. Please enter your exam authorization code (the same one used in step 1) and select “Validate” to continue.

Step 9. Exam Information

Please select “Allow” when this prompt appears.

Step 10. Adobe Flash Player Settings

Once validated, confirmation of your exam and its duration should appear. Select “Next” to continue.

Step 11. Take User Photo

Please take a photo of yourself, as per the instructions onscreen.

Step 12. Confirm User Photo

If you are satisfied with the photo taken, tick the checkbox to confirm and select “OK” to continue. If you wish to retake the photo, select “Retake Photo”.

Step 13. Take Photo ID

Please present a form of identification (this MUST be either a Driving License, Passport or Military ID card – any other ID may lead to your result being revoked) to your camera, as per the onscreen instructions. When you are ready for the photo to be taken, select “Take Photo Id”. The photo taken must be clear and the text readable. If it is not, please re-take and attempt once again. If the photo taken is not clear, your result may be revoked.

Step 14. Confirm Photo ID

If you are satisfied with the photo taken, tick the checkbox to confirm and select “OK” to continue. If you wish to retake the photo, select “Retake Photo”.

Step 15. Show Room

As per the onscreen instructions, demonstrate that there are no unauthorized materials on your desk/table, under your desk/table, and in the room by clicking “Show Room” and panning the web camera slowly around those areas, and 360° around the room. Please select ‘Room Scan Done’ when you have completed the room scan. If this process is not carried out in full and correctly, your subsequent exam result may be revoked.
Following this, please select the “Continue to Exam” option that will appear.
NOTE: Should you encounter a notification that “Error Code: - 1000” has occurred, it is due to the required internet resources not being available, due to the restrictions on the network being used. If this occurs, please either contact your IT support, or alternatively attempt to use a different network to take your exam.

Step 16. Taking your exam

The exam system will launch, with instructions appearing onscreen advising you how to proceed and take your exam.Follow the prompts accordingly, and take your exam.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have finished your exam and your preliminary result has been displayed, close the window by:

  • Clicking on the “X” icon in the right-hand top-corner of the screen (if you are using a PC);
  • Clicking on the red circle in the left-hand top-corner of the screen (if you are using a Mac).

The below prompt will appear – please select the “End Exam and Exit Program” option to confirm your exit from the exam system. Your exam session is not complete until you have implemented this - your webcam and microphone will continue to record you, and your system desktop will also continue to be recorded.

Resuming your Exam

In the event of you losing your connection to the exam system, a “This program cannot display the webpage” message may appear. If it does, please press the F5 key on your keyboard to attempt to reload the exam page. If this does not reload the last question you were attempting, please check to ensure your internet connection is still available.

If you are disconnected from the exam entirely, and the software has shut down, you may attempt to resume your exam.To do so, please visit – this will then start up the process from Step 5 of this user guide. You will need to carry out steps 5 to 15 before re-entering your exam. Your exam time will have continued to count down whilst you have been exited from the exam system.

Contact our Support Desk

If you require any further assistance, please call us using the relevant number below to speak with our Support Desk.

UK: +44 (0) 8448 111 101
US: +1 8 557 733 403
Australia: +61 18001 709 20
If you are calling from outside of these countries, simply dial any of the numbers above.

Support Desk Availability

Our support service is unavailable from 6:30am GMT to 8:30am GMT Monday to Friday, and from 9:30pm GMT to 9:30pm GMT Friday to Sunday. If calling during these times, please leave a message stating your name and contact telephone number - APMG-International will then contact you to assist once our support service has re-opened.

These are our standard Support Desk opening hours; during national holiday periods they are subject to change. To check the availability of the Support Desk during holiday periods, please visit our exams site for information.

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